05-07 March 2019
Halls 19/20/21, Deutsche Messe, Hannover, Germany

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Gislotica Mechanical Solutions - Tire Technology Expo Stand 9022

After more than 16 years developing robotized spraying machines for green-tire carousels, Gislotica’s engineering department has recently concentrated its energies on a new style of equipment for coating green tires. The new
robot-assisted spraying machine retains the high-accuracy, multiple-spray technologies that Gislotica has become known for.

With its robot for picking and placing the green tire from or on the conveyor, tray or trolley, and a size-reduced spraying booth, along with other components common to any green-tire spraying system, this new design compensates for the slightly reduced output (6-7 tires per minute) with the flexibility to work well in any tire plant layout and with a wider variety of green tires that can be coated, depending only on the gripper design applied to the robot’s head.
Furthermore, with this new concept the space required for installation is no longer critical and the exhausting of paint solids is much more closely controlled, assuring a much cleaner environment.

Tire Technology Expo Stand 9022

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