05-07 March 2019
Halls 19/20/21, Deutsche Messe, Hannover, Germany

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ExxonMobil, a pioneer of synthetic rubber, will share its expertise in maintaining proper air pressure in electric and autonomous vehicles, which it sees as key to their performance, safety and sustainability as the industry continues to evolve. The company, which invented halobutyl to “keep the air in your tires”, will provide two speakers at the conference, both of whom will demonstrate how tires with improved air retention provide consistent in-use efficiency, performance and overall longer life. Jeff Valentage, of ExxonMobil Chemical, will present a paper titled ‘Automotive megatrends and the importance of tire air retention’; Chris Napier, global tire applications specialist, will discuss inflation pressure loss rate and improved tire performance.

“These cars will still need tires, and with the increase in miles travelled that is predicted, the importance of air retention in tires remains paramount,” explains Valentage. “When it comes to tires, consumers want longer tire life, a smooth and quiet ride, optimum fuel economy and consistent performance. These traits are hallmarks of a tire that maintains optimal air pressure. Tires are a complex piece of construction, and regardless of the tire model, it’s the job of the innerliner to contain the air in the tire. It is concluded that the key parameters driving air retention properties in the innerliner are halobutyl content, gauge and tire operating temperature.

“There is proven and readily available technology – ExxonMobil halobutyl rubber – for improved air retention. By increasing halobutyl content and optimizing the innerliner gauge, air retention can be significantly improved without sacrificing any other tire performance attributes.”

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