05-07 March 2019
Halls 19/20/21, Deutsche Messe, Hannover, Germany

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PRL Polymer Research Lab - Tire Technology Expo Stand C536

Numerous studies have shown that some laboratory test results do not sufficiently correlate with the behavior of technical rubber parts in terms of lifetime and wear while they are in service. PRL, the elastomer expert group of Coesfeld, develops measuring methods and suitable instruments with whose help the properties of rubber material can be predicted.

The target is the early simulation of real loading conditions of rubber material in laboratory scale. The most important first step to reach the goal is to analyze and describe as exactly as possible how a rubber article is tortured under real service conditions. On the basis of the analysis PRL’s research team specifies the technical capabilities as well as evaluation algorithms of suitable test appliances to do a high-grade, correlating prediction.

The latest development is new test equipment to characterize the heat build-up process in situ. It uses unique multiaxial measuring capabilities such as dynamic alteration torque and multi-planar bending versus programmable load cycles. Therefore the appliance controls the user-defined loading conditions in a wide range of combinations. This instrument enables observation of the heat build-up process and measurement of the mechanical properties that are changing at the same time.

Tire Technology Expo Stand C536

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