05-07 March 2019
Halls 19/20/21, Deutsche Messe, Hannover, Germany

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Spoolex SAS - Tire Technology Expo Stand 9040

Spoolex will debut its new fully automated in-line center-driven turret winder for narrow webs, slitting 700mm into 30/40mm strips. This fully automated winding section, to be inserted into a gum tape extrusion line, is versatile, easy to handle and improves productivity rates.

The solution, developed under the company’s Calemard brand, consists of a plastic liner cantilever dual unwinder with liner guiding/positioning system and automatic splicing device for continuous liner feeding; a driven tension controlled accumulator for up to 60m of product storage; a slitting station with two crush cutting ramps enabling a preset slitting width to speed-up the process of product dimension changes; two scrap edge extractors (with liner separation/recycling); a staggered turret winding station capable of center surface winding, equipped with gap winding solution for precise and stable winding of the gum pad; and an automated unloading robot, which works without an operator. An operator is only required to remove trolleys when full with pads, and for core installation on empty shafts.

Tire Technology Expo Stand 9040

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