05-07 March 2019
Halls 19/20/21, Deutsche Messe, Hannover, Germany

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LMI - Tire Technology Expo Stand 9008

LMI will debut two smart sensor models at the show – the Gocator 2430 and 2440 for high-speed, high-sensitivity 3D inspection. Both sensors adopt the latest optical technology.

A new-generation two-megapixel imager delivers high-resolution profiles at 5kHz – making these sensors ideal for high-speed scanning applications of areas such as tread/sidewall, rubber extrusion and more. Faster scanning allows users to speed up their inline process and achieve the highest resolutions.

The imager in the Gocator 2430 and 2440 is twice as sensitive as in previous 2300 models, which results in cleaner profiles (less noise and outliers) and better results on dark targets as a result. Other notable features of the 2430 and 2440 include a large FOV for wider scans and a compact new package with both top and side mounts built in.

These sensors can be networked to scan more of the target, so the user can accomplish more with fewer sensors while capturing fine surface and edge details. In addition, their measurement range covers larger depth variation and a wider variety of targets.

Tire Technology Expo Stand 9008

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