05-07 March 2019
Halls 19/20/21, Deutsche Messe, Hannover, Germany

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GL Messtechnik GmbH - Tire Technology Expo Stand 1014

One of the many technology debuts at the show will be GLM’s cutting-edge new measurement tool, which combines two systems, enabling simultaneous measurements of the outer tire contour and the inside of the tire. A prototype system will be shown for the first time and set up as a demonstration to show how the measurement method works on part of a tire (though the actual system can be used to measure on a whole tire).

The Tube Inspector measures the tire’s inner geometry with a small sensor and integrated camera to create a sectional profile of the inner wall. The contactless measurements result in 2D sectional images and 3D measurements upon rotation of the tire. Within 10 seconds a full 3D measurement is made and is ready for evaluation. The Tube Inspector is a great tool for fast analysis of inner geometries.

The outside of the tire is captured with four sheet-of-light sensors. Two sensors record the tread area and the other two read the sidewalls. The sheet of light outer contour measurement captures the tire profile, deformations, symmetry and reads the sidewalls. The whole geometry of the outer tire is recorded within 10 seconds.

Both measurement units together create a tire system with 0.1mm resolution, which provides the required data for detailed tire analysis.

Tire Technology Expo Stand 1014

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