05-07 March 2019
Halls 19/20/21, Deutsche Messe, Hannover, Germany

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Marangoni Meccanica SpA - Tire Technology Expo Stand 9032

Marangoni Tyre Machinery has reached its goal of realizing fully automated strip-winding systems from the feeding to the extruder right up to the winding onto the carcass, thus eliminating any human handling along the lamination line. The new-generation system is called Strip-Shuttle and feeds and transports the laminated rubber-strip along the whole line.

The company has also enhanced some features, to improve productivity and flexibility when handling medium to small tire production batches. These features include an extrusion outlet check and control (ribbon quality, dimensional compliance and active control to adjust process flow); calendering auto-feeding; automatic rubber-strip pick up and transport to the application point on the tire carcass; strip tension measuring and an active control system to adjust it (dynamic tension control); support for high-temperature strip feeding (up to 90°C); dynamic strip cooling without intermediate cooling drums; and multi-compound management to generate strip-wound profile layers on the carcass (multi-extrusion/multi-calendering).

Tire Technology Expo Stand 9032

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