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Tire Technology Expo 2015

Conference interviews

Speaker Interview with Charles Yurkovich, senior VP global research & development, Cooper Tire & Rubber Company, USA, who discusses his presentation titled: Building sustainable innovation in today’s tire industry, which looked at how in today’s rapidly changing world, innovation is a necessity and how the tire industry must change and adapt to meet the needs, expectations and demands of customers, legislators and environmentalists.


Speaker interview with Prof Saied Taheri, associate professor and director, Virginia Tech, USA, moderator for the conference session titled Tire Mathematical Modelling – Enhancing the system approach, and exhibitor with the Centre for Tire Research (CenTire), who gives us his thoughts on the event.


Tire Technology Expo 2015 conference delegate interview with Onder Yildiz, commercial tyre development, Brisa Bridgestone, Turkey, who talks about the many benefits of attending the conference and exhibition, which this year was staged in Cologne, Germany and in 2016 moves to Hannover, Germany.


Speaker Interview with Henning Olsson, director of research and business development, Calspan Corporation, USA who talks about his presentation titled: OpenTire an open-source tire modelling project, a non-commercial open source project that has three primary goals: 1. Provide a library of open-source tire models in an easily accessible and usable format; 2. Provide a technical platform for collaborative tire model development; 3. Build a library of tire data and tire models available for use in research projects. The first release includes implementations of commonly used tire models along with implementation examples, benchmark studies and the first library of parameterised tire models.


Speaker interview with Dr Oluremi Olatunbosun, Head of Vehicle Dynamics, University of Birmingham, who discusses his visit to the event and talks briefly about the University's presentation titled: Relaxation length is an important parameter in responsive vehicle handling; which in this particular study, looked at explicit analysis of radial type tire 225/55 R17 to analyse the effect of inflation pressure, speed and tire load on the relaxation length of a tire.


Conference delegate interview with Harimohan Chennampallil, AGM – Technology, Alliance Tire Company, Israel, who talks briefly about the value of his visit to the exhibition and conference and also in attending one of the many world-leading courses staged at the event.


Exhibition Interviews

Arizona Chemical

Exhibitor interview with Kees Verhaar, CEO, Arizona Chemical, Netherlands, a long-term supplier of renewable raw materials to the tire industry. He discusses the company’s latest development, Sylvatraxx 1001, a process enhancement additive for better wet-grip, which benefits from fewer silica mixing steps, 40% reduced Mooney viscosity and 40% improved green strength.


Exhibitor interview with Kai Tuomisaari, vice president, sales & projects, Cimcorp, Finland, who discusses the company’s Dream Factory, a fully automated factory concept that sees the entire material flow, from start to finish, controlled by Cimcorp’s Warehouse Control Software, and also discusses the all-new EMS (electric monorail system) being showcased on the stand.


Exhibitor interview with Patrick de Keyzer, global manager, and Stijn Vancompernolle , marketing and business development manager, Bekaert, Belgium, who introduce TAWI (ternary alloy wire), which eliminates the need for cobalt in rubber compounds, enabling the manufacture of longer-lasting and more eco-friendly passenger and truck tires, as well as ST/UT, an extremely strong steel cord that allows a thinner ply, thus reducing rolling resistance.


Exhibitor interview with Johoon Hur, marketing director, Afache, Korea, who launches the company& rsquo;s latest development and a world first, the JLB Cord Counter, a 3D laser line scanning system that scans the surface of jointless belts and generates a visual image and graph of the belt, allowing operators to quickly count cord numbers without the need for traditional x-ray systems.

Nanotronics Imaging

Exhibitor interview with Matthew Putnam, CEO, Nanotronics Imaging, USA, a cutting-edge microscopy and software company delivering rapid testing and analysis solutions. He who launches the nSPEC 3D imager created for polymer compounds and composites, which provides a qualitative analysis of filler dispersion and surface typography for tires..

VMI Group

Exhibitor interview with Harm Voortman, CEO, VMI Group, Netherlands, who showcases the MAXX ActiZone tire building machine, which adds new levels of flexibility to the existing market-leading MAXX machine. He also launches the ‘hands off, eyes off’ robotic version of the LAT100 indoor tester, which will enable clients to run around the clock and thus increase productivity.


Exhibitor interview with Karol Vanko, vice president, Mesnac, Slovakia, who comments on the company’s industry-leading development of a biological deodorisation system, utilising five different types of bacteria, which provides an efficient solution for the elimination of waste gases and odours generated in the mixing workshop.

Pelmar Engineering

Exhibitor interview with Jacob Peled, executive chairman, Pelmar Engineering, Germany, who comments on the company, a leading supplier of new, reconditioned and pre-owned machinery, materials and tooling for the tire industry, with extensive stock of mixer and mill rooms, calenders, strip winders, extruders, cutters, presses and tire building machines.

Beckhoff Automation

Exhibitor interview with Mark Lewis, manager, Technical Services Group, Beckhoff Automation, Germany who discusses the company's range of open automation systems based on PC control technology and introduces new developments such as Wearable HMI and Twin Cat Automation which enable remote fault diagnostics and real-time Cloud-based MES production monitoring.

Open Mind Technologies

Exhibitor interview with Claudio Jorio, sales manager, Open Mind Technologies, Germany, who talks about the company and its hyperMILL tire module, which offers a flexible solution for machining tire moulds in significantly reduced timescales and more economically than was previously possible.


Exhibitor interview with Vincent Rollier, communication director, Solvay, France, who introduces Efficium, a highly dispersible silica that can deliver significant productivity benefits in mixing and extrusion for passenger car and truck compounds with no compromise on performance or cost.

Z-Laser Optoelektronik

Exhibitor interview with Stefan Frei, sales manager precision systems, Z-Laser Optoelektronik, Germany, who discusses the company’s range of standard and customised positioning lasers available in a choice of wavelengths: red, green, blue and infrared, which are used extensively throughout the tire industry and further afield.


Exhibitor interview with Michael Messmer, global manager, tire industry, Güdel, Switzerland, a leading supplier of materials handling solutions, who introduces the company’s latest innovation, the Green Tyre Tray, enabling green tires to be transported around a plant quickly and efficiently without risk of damage.


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