Tire Technology Expo 2018

Tire Technology Expo 2014

Harburg Freudenberger

Dr Andreas Limpar, Managing Director, Harburg Freudenberger, Germany, a significant developer of innovations for the rubber processing industry, discusses the many challenges manufacturers face with new silica compounds during the mixing process, and the solutions the company provides to meet these challenges including intermeshing rotor systems and tandem technology.

Bartell Machinery

Kevin Greenow, Global Tyre Sales Manager, Bartell Machinery Systems LLC, United Kingdom part of the Heico Tyre & Rubber Group, gives an overview of the group which includes Bartell Machinery Systems, RMS and Steelastic, and launches the SWS-Thousand Series StepSaver which enables manufacturers to easily and rapidly switch from manufacturing one bead diameter or profile to another in just a few seconds.

Computype Europe

John Newton, Managing Director, Computype Europe, United Kingdom, introduces the company's Chromaffix tire labelling system, a full-colour, automated, print-on-demand system with high productivity and system reliability which has been designed to be integrated into exiting production lines. Each tire is scanned and identified by its barcode and a tire performance label is then printed and applied providing a unique identity to the tire.

Herbert Maschinenbau

Martin Grosch, Sales Manager, Herbert Maschinenbau, Germany, manufacturer of tire curing presses, moulds, building drums and rings, launches an all new thread and belt drum at Tire Technology Expo, which covers a range of sizes, and which adjusts automatically from one rim size to another, lowering change times for tooling and increasing productivity.

Kordsa Global

Ibrahim Yildirim, Chief Technology Officer, Kordsa Global, Turkey, a world leader in nylon and polyester yarn, cord fabric and single end-cord production, discusses the company's all-important investment into research and development which has seen the introduction at Tire Technology Expo, of an all-new resorcinol- and formaldehyde-free cord fabric which has better initial adhesion, adhesion retention and fatigue adhesion.

McNeil & NRM

John McCormick, Executive Vice President, McNeil & NRM, United States, discusses the company seen as one of the founders of machinery supply to the tire industry, with a technology base in Akron, Ohio and a high-quality manufacturing base in Bucharest, Romania. He also talks about the key importance of constantly improving technology while at the same time maintaining price control.


Karol Vanco, Vice President, Mesnac, China, talks about the company which originated from the Quingdao University of Science and Technology and which is now expanding its vision beyond China with the aim to deliver leading-edge and world-class products and services to the global tire manufacturing industry.

PPG Silica Products

Gilles Gressier, Senior Sales Manager, PPG Silica Products, United States a global leader in the manufacture of precipitated and modified silicas introduces Agilon, a chemically treated silica, which enhances the mixing process for manufacturers and also the final performance of the rubber.


Gerd Hock, Sales Manager Tire Industry, Siemens, Germany discusses a host of technology on display at the Siemens stand covering the whole tire manufacturing production process from tire mixing to tire testing, including a tire production control centre solution for higher production transparency, easy planning and faster analysis of tire production right across a tire manufacturing plant.

VMI Group

Dirk Reurslag, Vice President Sales & Projects, VMI Group, The Netherlands, a major supplier of innovative solutions for the rubber and tire industry, discusses the company's successful relationship with its clients and the advanced solutions it can provide for both existing and green field sites, solutions which all led to the company being voted Tire Industry Supplier of the Year at the Tire Technology International Awards 2014 staged at Tire Technology Expo 2014.

Z-Laser Optolelektronik

Stefan Frei, Sales Manager Precision Systems, Z-Laser Optoelectronik, Germany discusses the company's manufacture and supply of advanced positioning laser systems for measurement and machine vision, and also launches the company's all new MLLS (moveable line laser system) designed to ease alignment of varying widths of rubber for the tire industry.

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